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Kendra Gaskins

“I honestly can’t say enough great things about working with Thomas. He is a true professional, highly talented and creative, consistently provides impeccable work, never fails to go above and beyond to produce a remarkable product, and all at a good value — which is every client’s dream! His timeliness and responsiveness on projects is beyond measure, always meeting every deadline and giving his best effort to maximize the results. He’s such a pleasure to work with and someone I can undoubtedly trust and rely on to give me great counsel along the way. In fact, I’ve enjoyed working with him so much that I’ve continued to follow and work with him throughout his career path and will continue to remain a loyal client and champion for his excellent services.”

Kendra Gaskins, Account Director, Ogilvy PR Worldwide

Jason Kang

“It’s been a long time overdue, but we finally upgraded our website. It finally looks like it was made this decade : /

Huge thanks to Thomas Dale, the web designer. We’ve worked with so many people over the years to improve our business, but Thomas stands on an elite level of his own. It’s so difficult to find a combination of top level technical ability with a comforting and clear style of communication. Thank you Thomas”

Jason Kang, Owner, Seoulmate

Lynn Murray

“I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Thomas first at On the Scene Productions and then at Vidicom. He is without a doubt one of the most creative, highly ethical and focused professionals I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Thomas’ customer service and responsiveness to clients is also the tops! I highly recommend Thomas and hope to work with him again sometime in the future.”

Lynn Murray, Senior Vice President, Vidicom

Ben Garrett

“Thomas Dale is quite simply one of the best in the business in terms of E-Media News Releases, Multimedia and website design. He never uses cookie cutter development techniques–each site is unique, creative and cutting edge. He’s honest, hard working and efficient and is a pleasure to collaborate with; I heartily recommend him to anyone seeking quality multimedia development”

Ben Garrett, Executive Producer, Vidicom

Meredith Callan

“I have had the pleasure of working with Thomas for the past 8 years at On The Scene Productions and most recently at Vidicom. Thomas is a master at what he does – pays the utmost attention to detail and is great when it comes to client service. I would never have to worry about a project if it was in Thomas’ hands. He is truely a joy to work with.”

Meredith Callan, Account Manager, Vidicom

Maya Burghardt

“Thomas Dale is a gifted artist who is wonderfully creative, bright and enthusiastic, and who continually strives toward excellence. What struck me most about Thomas during his tenure at On The Scene, was his unending desire to expand his mind and open his thinking to cutting edge design and technology trends. Thomas has great vision and at OTSP he consistently explored ways to enhance the company’s brand through innovative design and creative optimization. To work with Thomas Dale is to work with someone who is passionate, reliable and solid. I highly recommend Thomas for all of his future endeavors.”

Maya Burghardt, Senior V.P., Publicity, On The Scene Productions

Scott Sklarin

“Thomas is the best in the business at what he does. I have never worked with anyone so creative before. From logo design to graphic artistry to set mock-ups and so much more, Thomas can do it all! I was lucky to have partnered with Thomas earlier this year on the adidas reflex project. What a great one that was.”

Scott A. Sklarin, President, Sklarin Communications

Nick Peters

“Contract with Thomas, and I assure you you will not be disappointed. He is artistic and creative on the one hand, AND technologically-savvy on the other, not too common in one design guy. He delivers on time and on budget. And he is honest and ethical. All I can add is,” the Dude is really good.””

Nick Peters, SVP Marketing & Strategy, On The Scene Productions

Stacie Hunt

“Thomas honed his skills and craft while on-the-job. This means that he had to become competent in many digital languages at breakneck speed. Our firm was a newstyle, deadline driven organization and Thomas’ position required him to produce online products; update and maintain our website; work on webcasts; one-sheets; logo design; ppt presentations; whatever the sales/management/production teams were desperately in need of, at that moment.

Through all, Thomas maintained a calm exterior and considerate manner, prioritizing and completing tasks, answering all calls to action. Clients enjoyed working with him and developed ongoing relationships.

Thomas is a valuable addition and asset to any organization.”

Stacie Hunt, Co-Founder & EVP, On The Scene Productions

Sally Jewett

“Thomas has a rare gift; he is a talented graphics designer with a bold, energetic style and he also is able to communicate with clients in a way that provides confidence and exudes professionalism.

Thomas is continually updating his knowledge of the latest social media outlets and takes the initiative to learn new software programs so that he can offer the latest look and approach for the client.

Thomas is dependable and deadline driven with a solid work ethic. He can be counted upon to deliver on time and on budget with pleasing, often “WOW!” results.

Thomas will be a tremendous addition to any company seeking to upgrade its graphic design/communications department.”

Sally Jewett-Brocato, President, On The Scene Productions